the week of changed hearts…

In my life this week…

Busy week – just not homeschool related. I spent a lot of time at work.

I never meant to be a nurse. It was not a burning desire from the time I was a little girl. I did not play at bandaging my little brother up. I didn’t have a toy stethoscope. Sometimes I’m still not sure how I happened. Click here to read the rest of when it seems like your desire is different from God”s will…

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In our homeschool this week…

The girls have had several independent study days. They are amazing! The Man is great, too. I love that he takes such an active part in our homeschool. I love that homeschooling has taught them to be more independent with their work. It took a while but, maybe, we have finally arrived.

It was fall break for the seminary so there were no extracurricular classes. We took advantage of some of the free time to explore the city. We had a fun adventure in the French Quarter. Here we are at the Urseline Convent – the oldest building in New Orleans. It was built in 1725-1735.

Click here to see the rest of our adventure in Exploring NOLA

Right now, we are getting ready to go shopping for Big Sis” first dance. She is going to homecoming with a young man from church. Help, I have a teenager….I don”t think I”m ready for this!

I’m reading…

I’m grateful for…

Amazing support through prayers and financial help from amazing friends and family. Our God is our Jehovah Jireh. We are a little over half way to our goal for our family mission trip to Ecuador. Amazing blessings!

I”m praying for….

Continued support and provisions – if you would like a t-shirt that the girls designed, please email me at byhisdesign5 at cox dot net. Or if you just like to help us show the love of Jesus to the children of Quito, Ecuador, please check out the donate button on the side bar. All our adventures will be posted on By His Design 5 – with some insights and guest posts from the girls.

I am also praying for our nation during this upcoming election. Lord, Please help this nation turn back to You!

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2 Responses to the week of changed hearts…

  1. Claire says:

    What age did you start encouraging independence? And what is an independent study day? I’m thinking I like the sound of the possibility of that!! Have a great week this week!

    • Amy says:

      An independent study day is when each girls has specific assignments to complete. They work on their own unles they need help. Then, if I’m at work, we look at what they did not understand. We started encouraging independence the first year that we homeschooled – so it was 6th, 5th, and 2nd. The 2nd grader is now a 5th grader. She is able to do many things independently as long as she has specific directions. These days take a little more pre-planning and some work reviewing and grading. But they are necessary days since I work at a local hospital 1-2 days a week. We occassionally even have independent study days on days when I am home and need to accomplish something besides school 🙂

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