a life of gratitude (1084-1109)

When weeks are long and hard, counting does not come naturally. Being at the hospital; working and serving the people of this city. Seeing the neglect and apathy. Wanting to be home; enjoying a week of fall break.  Instead of getting frustrated, I chose to count the blessings of the week.

1084. walking the halls of the hospital in the quiet of the morning
1085. changing hearts
1086. reading one of the Man’s books and being reminded to love this city

1087. the girls being able to have independent study days; knowing that they will do their assignments and ask for help when needed
1088. more t-shirts sold
1089. support for the mission trip from unexpected people
1090. a great day of exploring NOLA with the girls
1091. beignets for breakfast on a rainy, cool morning

1092. the rainy morning drying up and turning into a beautiful day with blue skies

1093.  a friend selling one more big item from the garage sale donations for our mission trip
1094. getting three out of four passports in the mail; along with getting the birth certificates back 🙂
1095. hard eucharisteo: working a night shift and realizing that night shifts were easier ten years ago
1096. a shopping trip for Big Sis’ dress for homecoming being easier than expected
1097. Big Sis’ eyes lighting up as soon as she saw the dress she wanted

1098.  setting expectations for the dress that she accepted without a battle
1099.  invitations from friends for dinner at their home
1100. serving the children during Sunday morning worship
1101. Big Sis and Middle Sis serving in the bed baby and toddler rooms – developing servant hearts
1102. a pot-luck “Sunday dinner-on-the-grounds” with 500+ members of our church family
1103. celebrating the 80th anniversary of the church
1104. a Sunday afternoon nap; I have counted this before but am always thankful for nap time 🙂
1105. a game of UNO among friends

1106. emails from the other side of the world that open up new opportunities and possibilities
1107. knowing that God already has all the plans worked out
1108. hard eucharisteo: waiting on Him to reveal those plans
1109. a spend the night friend for Lil Sis that did not require us getting on to them or making them be quiet and go to bed

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