a week of the stomach bug and a dance….

In my life this week…

It’s been a week of many interesting things. Cleaning, chloroxing, bleaching, lysoling….trying to keep the stomach bug from spreading. So far, only Middle Sis has come down with the dreaded yuck bug 🙂  We spent one day in self-inflected quarantine in hopes of not starting an epidemic among friends. After 24 hours+ of no fevers for anyone else, we decided that the self-inflicted quarantine was over and everyone, with the exception of Middle Sis, ventured outside for some fresh air and sunshine.

I also learned that drinking large amounts of grape juice might, possibly keep others from coming down with the bugs. Friends claim that it works! I was afraid that there was going to be a mad dash to the nearest grocery store for grape juice.

Big Sis also spent some time preparing for her big dance. Click here to see my heart about this matter. One night, she decided to sleep in rollers to see what her hair looked like curlie. Yes, I had permission to post this picture. And, no, she did not like her hair with curls. We wish Nana was closer to help with the hair 🙂

In our homeschool this week…

Monday was meant to be an independent study. However, I found out Tuesday that things weren’t getting done as well as I thought. After a major “mama meltdown,” we regrouped and started over.

Biology test in progress with Big Sis. Only at The Townsend Academy can you hug and snuggle with Stanley (the stuffed animal) as you take your test  🙂  Middle Sis had to postpone her test since she was either in the bathroom or asleep most of the day.

We also tried to watch the Presidential debate. Big Sis took notes (for her government report) and seemed engaged with just an occassional eye roll. Middle Sis tried to watch but was exhausted from her yuck day so I think that we will have to find it on youtube. Lil Sis had no interest at all. She tried to watch it but evidently decided that she would rather get in the shower – something that we normally have to beg her to do 🙂

Lil Sis got a little crafty and decided to make her owl pillow. We have had the material and stuffing in the craft area for several months. Out came the sewing machine! Except for being afraid that the needle was going to cut her finger off, she did a great job. It is a really comfortable pillow 🙂

We got a package with some great stuff from Russia through the Culture Swap. Such a fun way to learn about other countries and cultures. There were some great books in Russian, a fact sheet with lots of information, Matryoshka dolls, a beautifully painted wooden spoon, and some coins. Since the 2014 Winter Olympic games are in Russia, I think that will be our next unit study – after we finish investigating Ecuador!

Culture SwapperOn Wednesday, we canceled Latin since it is in our home. I figured that no one wanted to get that close and personal with our stomach virus. Although we were 36 hours into in the yuck, Middle Sis still had a slight fever. Big Sis did go to Biology lab. She need some fresh air. And since we were doing our activities outside, it was a great excuse to get outside. We looked at some great fungi and mold!!

Thursday and Friday provided an unexpected opportunity to enhance our government class. The Institute for Faith and the Public Square had a conference on campus. The conference was “The Role of Faith in the Public Servant.” Big Sis and Middle Sis (almost 24 hours with no fever) attended chapel and heard about the value of having Christian politicians. Each session had two politicians – one democrat and one republican – who answered four questions.
1. How had your faith informed your political worldview?
2. How has your faith influenced how you do politics?
3. How has the Church helped you grow in your faith while in office?
4. What could the Church do better to help Christians while they are in public office?

We even had a make-up class for the girls. They learned how to apply make-up and had a great Bible Study together.

And we finished up our week getting ready for the dance. *Sigh* Amazed how fast time goes by….

WOW! No wonder I am so teary-eyed and emotional. It has nothing to do with Big Sis going to the dance. I am just exhausted. 🙂  It’s been a busy week (at least, that’s what I’m going to blame it on)  I didn’t really think that we accomplished very much until I started this post.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Take advantage of the opportunities around you. I know that the Lord placed us in this place at this time. I am so grateful for the great experiences that we have had here. Be flexible enough to enjoy different opportunities. Although I had school work and activities planned for Thursday and Friday, I decided to rearrange those activities so that the girls could attend some of the conference. After all, how often will you get to here politicians – state senators, city council, public service commissioners, and US congressman – talk about their personal faith

I’m grateful for…

this amazing community that invests in the life of children. I am grateful for the seminary that provides opportunities of people of all ages. I am grateful for moms with gifts different from me.

I’m praying for…

health and healing – no more stomach virus!  Our nation! Clear direction and knowing God’s will

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1 Response to a week of the stomach bug and a dance….

  1. Barbie says:

    So sorry about the flu bug hitting your house. Praying your daughter is feeling better. Sounds like a great week otherwise.

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