a week of almost cool weather

In my life this week…

Sweaters and jackets came out of boxes and closets this week. Yes, it was in the low 60″s, and many were dress for the arctic temperatures 🙂  However, we threw opened the windows and enjoyed the fresh air. Today it is back in the mid 80″s so the air conditioner is back on! Crazy weather of Southern Louisiana!!

I voted!! Sending in my absentee ballot gave a feeling of accomplishment. Praying that the Lord will work through this election to turn America”s heart back to Him.

In our homeschool this week…

Big Sis is trying to get caught up with her math. She is doing Thinkwell Algebra 1. The videos are great. She got a little behind with the internet issues that we had earlier this year. Trying to move along….

Wednesday, we had Latin and biology lab. Apologia biology is the best. We are looking a fungi!! Fun stuff. We also had a cultural learning experience during the lab. One of the activities needed Camembert and Roquefort cheese. After getting the cheeses, I researched some information. Interesting stuff – injecting with bacteria and spraying with a moldy substance.  No wonder it smelled like feet after sitting out for over 6 hours 🙂

We don”t really get into Halloween. But, of course, at 4pm Big Sis asked if she could go with a friend. Then at 4:30pm, Lil Sis asked to go with another friend. Then everyone expected me to come up with a costume.

Middle Sis decided that instead of going trick-or-treating around campus, she would go out to eat with us.  Steak at Outback or candy – she chose the steak!!

Thursday evening was a choir performance. The youth did a fabulous job. Just amazed – and always will be – with the musical talent that we are surrounded by. Thankful that so many talented people are willing to invest in our girls.

On Friday, we had a biology study session – for 3 hours. They have never studied one subject for that long. I helps to have a friend to study with. I started something new with Big Sis and Middle Sis for writing. We are going timed essays. We are going to do this once a week. Anyone have any resources for topics???

My favorite thing this week was…

Always – choir performance!

Questions/thoughts I have…

Anyone have any ideas for short essay topics? Or any resources? We are using High School Essay Intensive, but I am wondering what else is out there. Would love to hear any ideas…

I’m reading…

Just ordered Prophetess by Kevin Newsome on Kindle. I can”t wait to start reading it.  It is the second book in the Winter series. It is not a genre that I would normally read, but I am so glad that I did. It was amazing. I can”t wait to read Book 2!!!

Also reading…

I’m praying for…

Our nation – only a few days until the elections; Dear Lord, change the heart of this nation and turn it back towards You.

Our family mission trip to Ecuador – less than a month away; Dear Lord, thank You for the provisions that You have provided. I pray that You will bless those that have supported us financial as well as through prayer. Lord, I know that You are our Jehovah Jireh and will continue to provide.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
NOBTS Youth Choir with the Seminary choir singing “I Hear America Singing”

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