the week of the election….

In My Life this Week…

We are counting down the days until our mission trip to Ecuador. I am completely amazed at the wonderful support that we have received from friends and family.

Coffee….I have decided that I like coffee. It has taken several attempts over the years, but I like it. It is strange how your tastes change over the years. I love curling up in my chair with a cup of coffee and God”s word in the while everything and everyone is still quiet. What is your favorite coffee? What do you do each morning while you have your cup?

In Our Homeschool this Week…

We have spent some time this week learning about Ecuador and its culture as well as preparing for our trip. Teaching our children to live a missional life is a top priority. Respecting and love all people from all tribes, nations, and tongues. Showing God”s love to a lost world. Delving into His Word to show us how to live out His calling on our life. All of this is top priority.

We started Tuesday very early – up at 6am for a field trip. We don”t usually get moving before 8 or 9 – so 6? But we had a great time at Kleinpeter Farm and production plant. Milk – from the cow…..

… the store.

In addition to being an early morning, Tuesday was also a late, late school  night. School lasted, at least, until 11pm – watching election results come in. Coloring in our maps – red and blue – counting the electoral votes. And that is all that I will say about that!

Science lab was fun.  Science in the kitchen – learning about osmosis and diffusion and enzymes.

We are still reading Little Women….learning Latin…..writing papers on different Presidents. Lil Sis chose James Van Buren(?) Really….I am definitely going to learn alot about him during this project.

Its been a great week. Thankful!!!

I”m reading….

Just finished Prophetess by Kevin Newsome (click on the picture to get the book from Amazon). Great characters…suspenseful….thought-provoking….  I couldn”t put it down. But this is book 2 in the series. Here is book 1 – Winter. It is also great.
I am also re-reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Learning to live a life of gratitude!!!!!
and the girls are reading…..

I”m praying for….

I am still praying for our country and its leaders.  Our mission trip – praises for the provision and praying that the rest will come through soon. I know that His provisions and timing are perfect.

I”m grateful for….

Our family”s gratitude journal.  We have re-started with our family gratitude journal. Each day, each person puts things that they are thankful for on the list.  Learning to live a life of gratitude – there is joy in the gratitude! I love seeing the items that the girls list!

A Photo to Share…

What caption would you put on this picture?

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