a life of gratitude (1172 – 1200)


Eucharisteo – thanksgiving.  Learning to live a life of gratitude. Focusing on the positive and having joy – in all circumstances. This journey is a process. It ebbs and flows. Some days are really good when I can see the good in all things. I am thankful – full of gratitude.

Other days I struggle. Roll out of the bed, grumble, find fault, struggle to find thankfulness. Then – when I least expect it – God shows me all that I have to be thankful for. He opens my eyes, opens my heart until both are overflowing.

The only way to live the life is to write it down, make the list.  I stopped writing it down for a short time, and I forgot to continue counting. So I write it down – daily – so that I can continue counting. Growing in the fullness of joy.

Now it’s time to create the habit with the girls. We started our family gratitude journal. We started before and did not keep it up. This time I am committed. Committed because I know the difference it has made in my life – praying it will become habit, just part of their life. Counting gifts, counting blessings in ALL things.

Here I am….continuing to count. Adding some of the things that the family has listed into my list. They are a blessing and I am thankful to realize that their list is my list.

1172. all gathered around the table for family Bible time
1173. the Man’s unexpected day at home (instead of in class all day)
1174. popcorn chicken (Lil Sis)
1175. field trip day to the farm

1176. God’s amazing creatures and how new life blooms
1177. farmers that care

1178. getting assignments finished early (the Man)
1179. living in a country where we have the right to vote
1180. God sitting on His throne – regardless of how you feel about the results of the election
1181. forgiveness for my negative attitude (Big Sis)
1182. laughter among nurses
1183. calm, uneventful days at the hospital
1184. Email that remind us of God’s sovereignty
1185. waiting – yet knowing that His timing is perfect
1186. Sisters that love me (Middle Sis)

1187. lazy Saturdays
1188. snuggling together with the cool air blowing in; in the quiet of the morning
1189. family movie nights
1190. girls outside in the fresh air, playing all day
1191. laughter among sisters
1192. sisters practicing their photography

1193. pastor who teaches God’s truth
1194. being early on Sunday morning
1195. Thankful hearts lifted in praise
1196. sunlight through stain glass windows
1197. speakers for the youth who speak TRUTH into their lives
1198. this young lady – Mo Isom – who uses her platform to share God’s love and faithfulness

1199. phone calls from Georgia
1200. preparing for another week of school

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