The Write Stuff: Book Review of Prophetess

OK! I have to admit that I only bought the first book, Winter, to be supportive of a fellow seminary family. But, by the end of the second page I was HOOKED!! By the end of the book, I was dangling – hook, line, and sinker – waiting for book 2, Prophetess!!

In Book 1, Winter is introduced. She is Goth. She is on a journey to find her place in life. She is choosen by God for a very special purpose

Prophetess is a continuation of her college years. Winter is back at college after her summerbreak, prepared to find the people who almost destroyed the life of a friend. Winter takes on these demonic forces while trying to find the power of her gift. Not only does Prophetess give a great present day story, interwoven throughout the story are flashbacks of Winter”s life that complete the picture of her life.  The ultimate story is of a life that is redeemed by God and being used for His purpose. I easily recognize the difficulties that Winter has recognizing her gift and wondering how to discern God”s will – probably because I had the same problems 🙂

Great story for anyone – even teenagers! No stereotypes needed – Winter is goth! She has traveled a path that leads to destruction. But now her path leads her to a new life, a redeemed life, that is being used by God for His glory. I recommend that you read Winter first! Just click on the image to get your book NOW!!

Then move on to Prophetess!

Get both books “cause you will not want to wait to continue the story. Check out Keven Newsome at Watch the trailer for both books.

When you start reading….grab a cup of coffee…curl up…and be prepared to turn page after page without being able to put it down! Check back soon for an interview with Keven and Winter that will delight and encourage you!!

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5 Responses to The Write Stuff: Book Review of Prophetess

  1. Keven Newsome, DeAnna Newsome

    • Priscilla Mangum says:

      Because of your earlier comments I bought both books. Trying to finish the one I am currently reading. Can’t wait to get started on Wintet after reading this!

  2. Heidi says:

    Sounds like great books. I think my daughter will love them – one Christmas present checked off my list. Thanks

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