a life of gratitude (1201 – 1226)


This week I have been bone tired and weary! But today – Thanksgiving Day – and all days; time to count blessings. Tough days will come. Great, relaxing days will come.  God blesses through it all.

Continuing to count…..

1201. a bed to sleep in (Big Sis)
1202. my camera that records our life
1203. no shots needed for Ecuador
1204. Passports ready to GO!!!

1205. cooking with the family (Middle Sis)
1206. the beautiful sound made on this ancient instrument

1207. the unexpected opportunity to play an instrument that few youth chose to learn to play

1208. loving parents (Lil Sis)
1209. extra credit work turned in
1210. the Man laughing out loud at a silly TV show (Duck Dynasty)
1211. the girls and the Man counting along with me
1212. the Oreo pie made by a sweet (although he won”t like to be called sweet) young man

1213. brothers and sisters in Christ who show God”s love to the homeless (the Man)
1214. new recipes that turn out better than imagined
1215. a cold night to watch a soccer game

1216. ceiling fans
1217. thrift store shopping
1218. These books – read the review here – add the opportunity to be supportive of another seminary family






1219. strength to get through a long stretch of long work days
1220. kids who pitch in and help keep everything together while I am at work
1221. the Man and his wonderful cooking each night that ensured that I didn”t even have to think about it 🙂
1222. bone weary tired from days of seeing with the eyes of Jesus and feeling with the heart of Jesus
1223. girls that race to the car to wrap their arms around me
1224. Thanksgiving menu planned and shopped for
1225. the Man who recognizes and provides without a word spoken
1226. Granny”s iron skillet that has made lots of cornbread (among other things) over the years

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