Our Thanksgiving Extravaganza 2012

I admit it! In all my grown up years, I have never cooked Thanksgiving dinner. I have never cooked a turkey. There it is….the cold, hard truth 🙂

Why have I never cooked Thanksgiving dinner? Because the Man and I are both blessed to come from long lines of fabulous cooks who have graciously done the cooking all these years. One of these fabolous country cooks has passed away, but there were plenty to move into her spot. So whether we spent Thanksgiving in Georgia with family or traveled to Maryland/Pennsyslvania for Thanksgiving, it was all taken care of.

This year – because of our upcoming trip to Ecuador – we are staying in NOLA. And I am cooking – a turkey! Everyone is contributing to the dinner.

The Menu: turkey, dressing, mash potatoes, devil eggs, green beans, rolls, chocolate chip pie

The Turkey……

Cornbread for the cornbread dressing….

Devil eggs….


Middle Sis made her famous chocolate chip pies….

We had a little entertainment…

We went to the movies. Lincoln is a great movie!! We finished our day when Big Sis made some of Aunt Delores’ corn dip. YUMMY again 🙂

Thankful for an amazing day with my family. Miss all the ones that are far away but gratitude for our day! Happy Thanksgiving 2012!!!


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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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2 Responses to Our Thanksgiving Extravaganza 2012

  1. You did an incredible job with dinner. Thankful for you in my life. Love you.

  2. Barbie says:

    Your dinner looked lovely and intimate.

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