a life of gratitude (1227 – 1262)


Getting back to normal – yet not wanting the old “normal.”  Eyes open and hearts full – we return to our city praying that we will not go quietly back to the same old routine. Praying that these intense feelings of purpose will continue and show through us – even here in our own city.

Challenged to not go home the same as we left. Challenged to listen for God to speak – because He does speak to each of us. Challenged to live life completely and fully in missions. Challenged to show the love of Jesus and to be a force that can change a life.

Continuing to count – counting through another culture. Counting through this holiday season. Knowing that the Lord has reignited a fire and will make His plans known in His time. His perfect time!!

1227. our Thanksgiving extravaganza
1228. phone calls to/from Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Montana
1229. these verses that help me remember

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me” John 14:1
“Oh, the joy of those who trust the Lord.” Psalm 40:4

1230. safe travel to and from
1231. a great family friend who took us to the airport at 3am
1232. amazing Christmas parties – read here and here and here …..and here and here

1233. an amazing team of Christ followers who traveled many miles (from the States, Canada, and the UK) to show the love of Jesus to others

1234. wonderful hosts from Extreme Response who shared their lives with us for a few days.
1235. this amazing couple who lead “The A Team”
1236. hugs from and for Papa Noel

1237. a team that comes together for one reason and works as brothers and sisters in Christ for one goal
1238. partners such a Pan de Vida and Remanso de Amor that minister daily to those in need
1239. new friends from around the world that touch my heart

1240. hard testimonies that so clearly show the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ and the work on the cross!
1241. Big Sis leading worship after one of the Christmas parties – heart overflowing; proud Mama tears flowing!


1242. EARLY mornings without complaints
1243. a special field trip after stuffing 6000+ Navidad bags
1244. Christmas parties and Navidad bags in the Philippines and South Africa at the same time that we were in Ecuador
1245. food that the girls would eat
1246. Middle Sis’ sweet spirit that touched others – team members and those that we were there to minister to.

1247. giving away the peanut butter that we brought – just in case the girls would not eat 🙂
1248. God’s amazing creation – the beautiful Andes mountains
1249. hard eucharisteo – a headache and nausea from the high altitude – we went from below sea level to 9500 feet above sea level – resolved quickly
1250. Lil Sis’ amazing heart

1251. our Christmas shopping (almost) completed at the market in Otavalo
1252. hard eucharisteo – leaving new friends
1253. hard eucharisteo – leaving a beautiful country and beautiful people

1254. traveling from Quito to Miami with some of our new friends; fun times in the airport and on the plane
1255. our California friends hunting us down in the Miami airport for one last hug
1256. sweet reminders on my wrist that remind me of the people of Ecuador
1257. being picked up at the airport in New Orleans by Memaw and Pop
1258. Lil Sis’ birthday trip to New York City with Memaw and Pop
1259. sharing all that God did in Ecuador with our life group
1260. 25 page paper completed and turned in
1261. co-workers asking about our trip and getting to share God’s amazing stories with them
1262. God’s love for us!

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