a life of gratitude (1263 – 1296)


This time of the year….joyful, wonderous, stressful! Choosing to step back and not be overcome with the commercialized and materialistic part of this season is hard. Yet he says, “Be still, and know that I am God!”

Keeping the focus. Not letting this season become about the gifts…instead it about the giving. He gave his only Son. The Light of the World, Prince of Peace..

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

I sit quietly…wondering about many things. Tragedy that invades, life among those that don’t believe as you, family/friends far away in war-struck countries, others far away from God, children sick in hospital beds, elderly left alone on cold nights….I wonder. I wonder why.

Then my heart knows. Be still and know that I am God! He does not forgot our questions. He does not leave us alone during our times of suffering. He sent His only Son to this world. As a newborn baby in a cold manger, Jesus became flesh….for us!

So I sit still and know that HE is God!!! I stop wondering…and continue counting.

1263. classes completed for the Man
1264. grades and credits posted; another semester “in the books”
1265. 3 credit hours that he didn’t think he would get
1266. actually getting our Christmas cards completed and in the mail in time for them to arrive close to Christmas day instead of after Christmas or not at all 🙂

1267. homeschool Christmas party fun
1268. an amazing donor who paid for our homeschool Christmas party fun plus a little extra

1269. the Man’s birthday – a quiet day spent together as a family; just what we all needed
1270. movie madness with the family
1271. girls “boo-ing” and fussing about the ending of The Hobbit; realizing that the book is made into three movies; motivation to finish the book 🙂
1272. a cookie swap with friends from church
1273. a wonderful evening of worship with Kari Jobe Where I Find You

1274. an amazing drama performance by Lil Sis and Middle Sis

1275. this verse that resounds in my heart this Christmas season

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

1276. unexpected gifts from a seminary friend that helped with Christmas and travel
1277. God’s wonderous provisions
1278. traveling through the dark night; lights illuminating the road and sleeping girls in the back
1279. Lil Sis cuddling in my lap and whispering “I want to go back to Ecuador for Christmas…and to live”
1280. sleeping in our king size bed at Memaw and Pop’s house
1281. snuggling under heavy comforters
1282. the Man trying on silly dress coats; laughing at the “Miami vice” look 🙂
1283. Christmas baskets made and delivered to Memaw’s neighbors; “because that is what Christmas is about,” Lil Sis stated, “sharing our joy with our neighbors.”
1284. time with family; even if it wasn’t really enough time, it was still time that we had together
1285. my camera battery – DEAD! And the charger at home. No pictures, yet great memories
1286. gentle reminders to the girls that our Christmas was Ecuador and knowing that it was more than enough
1287. big eyes, wide with surprise, when they got unexpected electronic pleasures on Christmas morning
1288. whispers in my ear that said they didn’t expect anything big for Christmas because Ecuador was wonderful but that they loved their new electronics
1289. squeals and hugs from teenage, and almost teenage, girls
1290. sharing parts for Ecuador in our Christmas presents to others
1291. a girlie movie night with the cousins; Pride and Prejudice
1292. the youngest cousin strutting around “Oh Mr Darcy” in a really bad accent; too cute
1293. love that overflowed into the world in human form
1294. not getting to see everyone that we wanted to see
1295. having lunch with more family as we traveled through
1296. home

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