Family Field Trip Day…..

I haven’t posted a blog in a while. I just haven’t had a lot to say….spending time in prayer….waiting on the Lord to reveal the next part of this journey.

It is spring break. Only half a semester – about 7 weeks – until graduation for the Man. So proud of him. Can’t wait to see him walk cross that stage!

We spent the first day of our last spring break in Louisiana at a place with a wonderful Louisianan tradition….The Tabasco Plant.

From growing the pepper….bottling the sauce….and conserving the beautiful landscape and protecting the wildlife.


I found it very interesting that Tabasco bottles pepper sauce and exports it all over the world. The day that we were there they were bottling it to send to Russia. Really?!?!? Who knew that Tabasco was used in Russia?

We loved that the Man got to go with us.


After the Tabasco plant, we traveled through Jungle Garden. Beautiful nature study of the wetlands – plant and animal life. Such fun!







There is an 800 year old Buddha statue in Jungle Garden. Not something that you often see in southern Louisiana



I love our family field trips. It is always an amazing adventure…..



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One Response to Family Field Trip Day…..

  1. Mimi and Bryan says:

    Looks like fun…your pictures are great!!! Maybe in the next part of your journey you can be a photographer….the girls are really growing up fast and so beautiful…makes us want to cry!! Love ya’ll so much!!!!

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