When life leaves you a mess…..

Who knew that New Orleans would get into my heart? Who knew that I would be a mess when leaving? The journey….a blessing. Now that the Man has graduated, and we have reached the end of that part of our journey. Beginning the next part of the journey…excited about all that He has planned for us!

But….I am a mess! For days – starting with my last day of work – I have cried.

Tears of JOY!!! Graduation.

Tears of sadness. Tears for the friend who is facing a journey with cancer. Tears for friendships that will become long-distance friendships – knowing that they will always be there no matter how many miles separate us. Tears for an amazing city that taught us so much.

Overwhelming excitement for His plans. Plans that put us near family and old friends for a while. Then the plan to take us on an exciting journey to the ends of the earth.

Heart pounding despair that comes from leaving the security and safety of seminary campus. I was in a comfort zone. Now the Lord has – once again – moved us out of that comfort zone. The scenery is familiar but the path is different.a3

When your a mess how do you move pass it? How do you comfortably live outside your comfort zone? He stretches and pulls….causes us to reach beyond ourselves. It is not comfortable. It is not fun. It is not about how I feel.

“I want you to know how safe and secure you are in My presence. That is a fact, totally independent of your feelings.” (Jesus Calling)



How amazing that the Lord’s presence in our lives is not dependent on our feelings! He works and moves and loves and cares for us – even when we are a mess!

In my mess….I learn to trust Him more completely. In my mess….I want to turn more towards Him. In my mess…my heart cries and overflows and learns to recognize His blessings.

“Determined to make things go your way, you forget that I am in charge of your life. The only remedy is to switch your focus from the problem to My Presence. Stop all your striving, and watch to see what I will do. I am the Lord!”  (Jesus Calling)


So – even in my mess – I CHOSE to look for the blessings.

I CHOSE the hidden treasures that He has given me today. Today, I have looked for the blessing that He has put in my path. I look for Him along the way….





Even in my mess, He takes care of me. Blessed to know this part of the journey has us in a beautiful place with old friends. Loving the memories of the past, enjoying the present, and looking forward to the future

Thankful for all He has done, is doing, and will be doing!!!

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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1 Response to When life leaves you a mess…..

  1. Barbie says:

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder that God is with me in my mess. Praying you’re having a blessed weekend.

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