those months that I missed (1297 – 1321)


1297. Relentless Pursuit of Him….
1298. a new year of this amazing journey
1299. days at work when He continues to amaze me with His grace

1300. fireworks exploding all around to bring in the new year
1301. yummy chocolate goodness in the crock pot – the best hot chocolate ever!
1302. a quiet day of relaxation
1303. curling up in the easy chair with a good book and a soft blanket
1304. an enjoyable evening out with friends even though the Mexican food wasn’t very delightful 🙂
1305. waking up at midnight to sing the happy birthday song to Big Sis
1306. a beautiful, loving, and tender-hearted 15 year old
1307. a day that she got to pick fun stuff to do
1308. sitting in the freezing rain watching “the boy that’s a friend” play

So…..this is where I stopped counting. I really didn’t stop. I just thought I could do it in my head. No need to write it down. No need to continue with the list. The list ends in January. Now in September, I wonder where all of my amazing, wonderful, overwhelming, exciting gifts are. There have been ssssooooooo many…..and I can remember the BIG ones…..

1309. God’s answer to prayers about after-graduation



1311. God’s answer to where to live while in transition
1312. new jobs in old hometowns
1312. reuniting with old friends
1313. friends who are partnering with us as we prepare to move to South Africa

1314. huge, unexpected support that comes from unlikely places that bring tears
1315. the girls reuniting with old friends and meeting new friends
1316. new adventures and opportunities that allow us to continue homeschooling
1317. small churches with people with big hearts that open their arms to us
1318. another great year at the beach with Memaw and Pop and all the cousins


And the BIG gifts are there. Ingrained in my mind and never forgotten…..but what about those little, every day gifts. Like….

1319. Lil Sis’ big heart for little abandoned kitties
1320. sweet quiet time in the early morning on the back porch with nature surrounding
1321. a giant 12 foot ice cream Sundae for all the kiddos


And I notice as the days go by I even sometime forget to think of all the many blessings. All the many gifts that have made up the day. So…today….I start counting again!!

This isn’t the first time that I have stopped and restarted. Even when I don’t count; when I fail horribly, God is faithful. He continues to bless. Looking back I want to remember all the little blessings as well as the big blessing.

So….I count AGAIN. But not starting over. Not at 1. Because all those other blessings are still there. #1 through #1308 still count! They reminded me of the beauty of counting; the joy of looking back and recognizing those blessing during those times.

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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