Why am I amazed….

Why am I amazed when God does actually what He says He will do?

I really can’t answer this question. Yet, I ask it every time….every time He provides. Every time He shows off! Every time He answers a prayer! Every time someone new partners with us!

I can’t even count the times that He has amazed me over the last ten years. I look back and am overwhelmed at how he has placed each step in our path.

I was amazed the day we sat down with friends at Extreme Response, and they explained the vision the organization had for South Africa; amazed that it was exactly what I had pictured the Man doing after seminary. Six years of school and, finally, I saw how God had orchestrated each step; each moment He had been part of. Amazed that He knew this was exactly what He had plan. He is amazing!

I was amazed that we were praying about our living situation while preparing for South Africa and the next day we had the offer of a home…. Amazed that He answered….even when I expect Him to answer I am still amazed when He does. He is amazing!

I was amazed that – just as I was a little discouraged – we received an email about a huge, wonderful, unexpected partner. Not only was I amazed, I doubted. I wondered if there was a mistake. Was there too many zeros in that email? But, no! The correct number of zeros…..amazed. Amazed that He would provide in such a way. He is amazing!

I am amazed….because He is amazing!!  Our God; our amazing Creator; our Jehovah Jireh; Prince of Peace; King of Kings. He is amazing. Our God amazes me…..He amazed the disciples… those that walked this earth with Him were amazed. I believe that He has been and will be amazing us for eternity.

I am excited to see how He will amaze me as we seek partners and serve in South Africa. I am sure that His plan is beyond anything I can imagine. I know that I will continue to be amazed.

I am amazed….because He is amazing.

About byhisdesign5

Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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