A New Orleans weekend (1322 – 1343)

The counting continues…. Counting does not come naturally. I look and sometimes forget all the amazing gifts He has given. Getting back in the habit of counting those gifts; knowing that in the counting is the blessing.

1322. sweet sleeping sisters in the early morning hours
1323. National Cheeseburger Day
1324. Grandparents who are willing to take time with the grandkids
1325. Excitement in Lil Sis’ voice as she describes her day fishing with Papa
1326. this pic


1327. breeze blowing through opened windows
1328. Hard Eucharisteo: missing Lil Sis but knowing she is making memories with Nana and Papa
1329. rainy, lazy days
1330. sounds of worship music being practiced throughout the house
1331. new music teachers who are willing to invest in the girls
1332. these sillies

1333. safe drive to and from New Orleans
1334. having the afternoon to sit with friends and chat about life
1335. the girls’ excitement to be back in New Orleans even if only for a few days
1336. this view as I sit and look over our presentation


1337. the opportunity to share Extreme Response’s vision for South Africa and our journey


1338. beignets and bicycles at City Park


1339. this beautiful creature


1340. dinner with great friends
1341. belly-rolling laughter in the parking lot with those same friends
1342. an amazing time of worship
1343. a late night drive home
1344. flexibility of homeschool that allows us to sleep late after that long, late night drive

so….I continue to count. Getting back in the habit so that it comes naturally again. Blessed to have my eyes opened to the many, many blessings that He prepares for us.


About byhisdesign5

Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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