A Week with Firsts (1344-1365)

I went to work…nothing special! Got in the car, drove to the hospital, got ready to work. I didn’t want to. I actually walked in with a yucky attitude. I wanted to be home with the girls; enjoying the beautiful Saturday afternoon. Then I saw it….one of my favorite doctor’s name on the board.

I find him and the conversation starts. I tell him about our journey of the last few years…and the vision; going to Cape Town. He’s surprised. Then these words……Isn’t it amazing when you just surrender it all and walk through the door that God opens. Once you walk through that first one, it becomes easier to see the next one and the next one and the next one. God is doing great things in your family and through your family. It’s exciting!

A few simple words that mean so much. Blessed that the Lord puts these people in my path…people who speak truth and encourage – even on days where I don’t think there will be in encouragement. The Lord knows when and where I need it.

In a week with several firsts, I look back and recognize the doors that the Lord has opened and that we – by faith – have walked through. Counting those doors as gifts; remembering WHO gives those blessings. Learning to accept the gifts in the unexpected places.

1344. Cool fall weather in GA
1345. A dryer that doesn’t dry that allows us to have our cloths drying on the line
1346. Great weather to dry those cloths


1347. Sportsmanship
1348. Sweet orange kitty


1349. Acorns falling on the roof
1350. youth learning to serve
1351. The Man!! He is God’s amazing gift; praising the Lord for this journey with him!
1352. excitement of hunting for blessing caught again
1353. Mid way through the day, a surprise by the Man showing up with my phone
1354. Big Sis and Middle Sis letting go of frustration with volleyball, learning that God uses all things to teach us
1355. Reaping family time with a spontaneous family field trip day, the first in Georgia
1356. beautiful, sunny, breezy to be spent outside
1357. enjoying God’s amazing creatures and creations on our nature walk


1358. large bottle of cold water after walking up and down the mountain
1359. opportunities to share the vision with one of my favorite doctors to work with
1360. sweet ladies faithfully serving the children in our church
1361. the excitement of little ones to paint pray rocks and to pray for the persecuted church
1362. Reaping progress with our first two monthly partners showing up on our report from Extreme Response
1363. Gift redeemed – my life!
1364. Tropical Storm Karen fizzling out over the coast and friends enjoying their time at the beach; NOLA safe from flooding
1365. yummy chocolate chip banana bread baked by Lil Sis; wonderful smells throughout the house

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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