When frustration takes over (1366-1389)


Challenged to get my heart right with God; needing to release and accept forgiveness before partaking.  Knowing that my frustration with certain issues was something that the Lord wanted me to hand over to Him. I know that we are here – in this time and place – for a specific reason. But when I get frustrated with things – things beyond my control – I struggle with letting it go.

So…there in the stillness of the sanctuary…I let go! Knowing that it is part of the journey. Today I promise not to grumble, not to get frustrated, not to let people and things that I can not control come between me and my God! Because that’s what happens when that frustration creeps in….it stands between me and true worship.

The ebb and flow of life….

I make that promise now; knowing that as my heart overflows with the gratitude that comes when partaking in The Lord’s Supper, it is easy to turn it over to Him and release the frustration. But life ebbs and flows…..I will get frustrated. Maybe not tomorrow. But I will! And I will have to release it and get my heart right before God again! However, I don’t stop trying.

I keep on counting… knowing that counting puts the gratitude and the gifts in the front and helps push the frustrations out.


1366. Sheets washed, baked in the sun, and put on the bed; read for a good night sleep
1367. French vanilla creamer stirred into this non-coffee drinker’s coffee
1368. yummy boiled peanuts eaten with Lil Sis
1369. being able to help a new friend with carpool to a game
1370. helping a sweet – but grumpy – seven-year old get over her grumpiness 🙂
1371. Sharing thoughts and struggles and frustrations with an amazing friend
1372. Prayers lifted high
1373. beautiful blue skies that show the amazing creativity our The Creator!


1374. friends accepting the challenge to partner with us; we are looking for 100 people to partner with us monthly at $50 per month; that would get us to over than 50% of our needed monthly support
1375. morning time Bible reading with the girls and The Man
1376. Lil Sis’ view of the world as seen from my camera


1377. new screens so that we can throw the windows opened
1378. new opportunities to share our journey and South Africa
1379. the girl who wrote about us in her journal that opened the door for new opportunities to share our journey and South Africa 🙂
1380. Middle Sis’ determination


1381. the statement “we might not win much, but maybe God is going to use me to teach some kids in South Africa volleyball. At least, I know how to play and the rules now”  🙂
1382. being able to hold the hand of a patient who is afraid; providing a little comfort
1383. a day of creativity


1384. a wonderful sister-in-love’s paint party
1385. these eyes


1386. a girls night out
1387. all the Sunday morning volunteers showing up
1388. Holy Communion; The Lord’s Supper; Eucharist
1389. the Man reading Culture Shock! South Africa – and loving it!

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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