Day-to-day Counting (1390-1412)

Counting in the everyday. This is where we find the most awesome gifts.

1390. gifts re-read; Revelation, this time reading out loud with the girls and the Man
1391. re-reading gifts 1-1389; such an amazing blessing
1392. the third player in this game


1393. spontaneous, homeschool flexibility that allows for a RAD day; Read-All-Day Day!
1394. a group of youth gathered together to learned worship songs.
1395. the sound of those same voices lifted high to their Savior
1396. a musically talented dad who is willing to spend time teaching these musically talented children
1397. the end of volleyball season


1398. beef stew in the crockpot on a fall day in Georgia


1399. a fall day in Georgia


1400. itchy rash on Lil Sis that we can’t get rid of
1401. warm socks on a cool day
1402. a lower electric bill
1403. silly girls surrounding my kitchen table


1404. the imagination of girls
1405. a dishwasher; we haven’t had a dishwasher in four years so this one is extra-special 🙂
1406. a man with a chainsaw


1407. a blessed conversation with a wonderful woman at church regarding the need to expand outside the walls to become more multi-racial and multi-cultural
1408. knowing that their are some of the same heart and mind; taking Him to every tribe, tongue, and nation
1409. His amazing creation; even the smallest things


1410. the hugs of sweet kids in children’s church
1411. extra blankets on the bed each night
1412. plans for several paint parties in the upcoming weeks


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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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