The Week it was SO Cold (1437-1460)

It is cold in Georgia. I know that my more northern friends are laughing – particularly the ones in Canada, Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska. But I have adjusted to the mild and short southern Louisiana winters. This cold front – with temperatures in the 20-30’s – I was not prepared for.

My weatherman prediction – this is going to be a very, very cold winter. The key for me is simple. While the weather is cold, the only way to survive is the warmth of Jesus.

Counting keeps Him there – in the forefront; never far away; providing blessing. So I continue counting; even when I use the Joy Dare scavenger hunt to find the blessings….

3 gifts eaten
1437. chocolate left over from trick or treaters that did not come to our little home in the woods
1438. chicken noodle soup that is easy on a queasy stomach
1439. dinner on the stove to be eaten when the hunters come in after dark
1440. Fall
1441. Following God’s path and amazing gifts
1442. Small country churches
1443. Unexpected mommy’s grand adventures
1444. A bushel of apple
1445. Yummy treats made with that bushel of apples
1446. these two working in the kitchen together to make a yummy treat

1447. 11 year old girls who sometimes want to be teenagers and sometimes want to play silly little girl games all day
1448. The flexibility that allows sleep overs on school nights
1448. Jesus Calling


1449. Hot, soapy dishwater that soothes the ache
1450. women and girls dedicated to serving and blessing others during a VN weekend
1451. Big Sis being reminded that God is enough
1452. tears that wipe the soul clean and bring forgiveness and healing
1453. terrifying images on the news of the devastation in the Philippines.
1454. prayers for our partners in Manila and throughout
1455. safe travel of them in and out of the most devastated area of Bohol
1456. fun night with Memaw and Pop at the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular

1457. Pop’s healing after surgery
1458. prayers being lifted up from our home to a home that is struggling to remain whole
1459. Billy Graham’s last sermon; The Cross
1460. conversations with friends who question the cross but want to understand after watching
1461. an accidentally late night phone call from a far away friend that did the heart good
1462. a warm wood burning stove on a cold day
1463. learning – daily – to count on the Lord for all our provisions
1464. almond joy creamer 🙂

1464.laying awake late in the night/early in the morning with worry; turning the worry and anxiety over to the Lord; even when I have to do it daily, I know He will carry me
1465. fall gone; winter is here!!
1466. the meaning of “yada”

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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