When the Enemy is at Work (1467-1493)

Sometimes it is so evident that Satan is at work. Those times when the finances going out are greater than the ones coming in. Then the bake sale to raise money for the youth trip is a total bust. Times when you cry until it feels like you are dehydrated. The Man can’t focus to on his packing then his plane gets delayed. It’s raining. Lil Sis gets sick. As you drive away from the airport, one of the lights on the dash for the car comes on and you don’t know what it means…….

During those times when you know that Satan is at work….it is during those times that you know that the Lord has something amazing in His plans. And His plans will defeat any schemes of the devil.

Despite all those things that could discourage, I continue to count; knowing that His blessings are abundant even during – or maybe especially during – times like these!

1467. warm blankets to snuggle under on the coldest night that we have experienced in 4 years
1468. this pile delivered and stacked on the back porch

1469. the Man coming to lunch with us
1470. times when you cry so hard that you feel emptied; the Lord fills that emptiness
1471. financial frustrations that are teaching me to completely depend on our Jehovah Jireh
1472. friends who are willing to taxi the girls around to different events
1473. that same friend who listens with her heart and prays diligently
1474. these boxes of donations and gifts that have to be packed into two suitcases without exceeding the airline weight limits

1475. getting all of that into two suitcases
1476. a wonderful ticket agent that lets one suitcase that weighed 50.5 lbs through without the Man having to re-arrange everything
1477. hugs that warm the heart
1478. Lil Sis’ attempt to go with the Man to South Africa


1479. banana chocolate chip bread that Lil Sis has become an expert at making
1480. jolly rancher lollipops


1481. rainy weather that causes us to slow down and hang out
1482. the Man making all his connections even when he has to sprint through one airport
1483. Lil Sis’ fever, sore throat, and body aches resolving without the need for a doctor’s visit
1484. Middle Sis’ unselfish moments of agreement to stay home with Lil Sis
1485. learning to allow others to help; even when my pride gets in the way
1486. the Man arriving safely in South Africa
1487. this view that the team is getting to see each day


1488. the first picture of the Man in South Africa; enjoying his time at one of the Extreme Response Christmas parties
1489. family and friend support while it’s just me and the girls
1490. church family who helps me with the car; fills up the anti-freeze and the oil; no problems!
1491. Prayers from friends and family
1492. fun painting with the youth


1493. the bake sale that did not raise any money for the youth but provided snacks for several different events

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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1 Response to When the Enemy is at Work (1467-1493)

  1. Robyn Wallace says:

    I am totally relating tonight! Man, we have felt a huge attack with Brian’s injury and projected 9-month recovery. I so weary to the bone doing everything on my own and I don’t even have any energy to study the Spanish I am here to learn. HOWEVER, God has shown up in flashy style with a new home close to the school so Brian can get there on his crutches. Such a sweet reminder that He has a plan even when it hurts.

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