In the waiting….

I have been waiting to blog for the last few months – thinking…I need to wait until something is happening to write a blog. After all, right now we are waiting to GO! Waiting on partnerships to come through. Waiting on God’s timing. Waiting! Waiting! Waiting!

But…wow! The things that we have learned in the waiting.

1. Waiting is HARD! I don’t mean that it is a little hard. I mean it is gut-wrenching, crying for no reason, what do we do hard. I have been known to say something silly like…”I would rather go through six more years of seminary than one year of support raising and waiting.” Is that statement really true…NO!!I loved our years on the seminary campus. I love the people that are like family to us now. But those were soul-baring, out-of-my comfort zone years. But this past year…..well, I think you get the picture!

2. It is a small, small world! Are you singing that song now? I know that you are! It is a small world. We speak at churches, Sunday school classes, life-groups, with individuals and families…almost everywhere we go we hear stories about mission trips to Africa or missionaries that someone knows. It is a small world…but we will probably not meet a missionary serving in Kenya while we are in South Africa. We might…God does do some crazy things sometimes! While we probably do not know that African friend and probably will not work alongside them on a daily basis, we still love hearing about God’s mission. No, our travel will not be postponed because of the Ebola outbreak (at least, not right now). That is West Africa. We are going to South Africa. On the other hand, we have met friends who have been to Cape Town – even several who have been to Fish Hoek. We have met South Africans who now live in Atlanta. They are encouraging to us. They are willing to help us make contact with South Africans before we are even there. Friends are being formed even right now!!

3. Friendships are so important! Okay, this is not really new knowledge. However, it has definitely been reinforced. During this time of waiting, we have been able to reconnect with friends that we know will always be supportive of our crazy life. They are even willing to help us during this time of crazy waiting. They walk alongside us. Listen to our crying. Laugh at craziness. Tell others about our craziness…and even make our craziness sound normal and exciting!

4. God is good all the time…and all the time God is good! Everyone that we have talked to about raising support and this time of waiting has said, “You will be surprised….” We are surprised! We are amazed…at who God has planned for our team, at how God has worked out partnerships, at how He has shown us His love and provisions.

5. Prayer is the most important part of waiting! While we go through hills and valleys during this time, we stand firm in the knowledge that He is listening. Even when it seems that He has been silent for a long time…longer than we want…when we feel discouragement, we know that going to God is prayer is the answer. Prayer opens the door. It is the comfort zone when we are so far out of our comfort zone we don’t even know where our comfort zone is anymore! Prayer shows us who and how God is going to place on our team! So, you should know, if God plans on you to be on our team…if you have felt even the slightest tug toward partnering with us…we are praying for you! You should probably just go ahead and step into the deep with us because God isn’t going to let go 🙂

I admit that I might be a little stubborn. Sometimes it takes a while for me to finally realized what God is trying to teach me during a certain season. This season of waiting has been no different. Just when I think that I have learned the lesson…I somehow forget. Thankfully, God is a patient and gentle and full of grace. He leads me back…to the exact spot that He wants me.

Now this isn’t a complete list. But in the waiting, these are the top 5 on my heart at the moment. Here’s a few additions that I may – or may not – expand on at a later date:
*I love to dance
*Selling everything you own – except for what you can fit into two suitcases and a carry-on – is fun!
*Spiritual warfare is real! Okay, this is another thing that I know but have been reminded of in the
*When summer is winter and winter is summer, it doesn’t really matter when you start your homeschool
year. It is going to be confusing that first year – and maybe for the rest of your life 🙂
*I don’t really hate healthcare as much as I thought I did.
*I love to paint
*The beach is my happy place. Again, something that I have known but all the beautiful pics of Fish Hoek
beach have reminded me.

view from the Team House in SA

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