Breath Grace

Learning to live and love in another culture is learning to breath grace. This phrase – breath grace – is so lovely. Deep breath; Jesus provides the breath and the grace. Go ahead – do it! Close your eyes and take a deep breath in; as you inhale just imagine the grace of Jesus flowing into you.

In order to breath grace into another culture, you have to have that grace from and of Jesus flowing through you. Remembering that it’s not right, it’s not wrong…it’s just different. After fours weeks of focusing on how different our lives will be in South Africa and how we must search ourselves, we feel weary yet excited. We are encouraged and ready. We are energized and preparing to prepare even more. A plan to be formed and worked. Yet we know that this plan HAS to be God’s plan.

Today in the beauty of the North Carolina mountains, we took some time away from it all and focused on breathing grace. Walking along the trail with the cool breeze blowing through the trees – slippery from the morning rains; leaves covering the ground – yet the trail was there. No doubt which way to go – follow the path head of you.

Beautiful colors – created by the Creator. How creative and artistic is the Creator! Red, orange, and yellow fluttering to the ground around us.


The path was long and curvy – often switching back on itself. Breathing grace along the way; blessed that the path wasn’t straight up; each curve or switchback allow us to use less energy and to breath deeper. The overhanging limbs protecting us from the occasional rain drop.

Halfway through – a little treasure found; easy to overlook in its hiding place between the rocks and roots of a giant tree. BELIEVE – there it is – The grace!


Believe –

    *in who we are in Christ

    *that He has a wonderful plan that is better than we can even imagine

    *our Jehovah Jireh will provide all of our provisions in His timing

    *that His grace is sufficient – all we really need! 


Continue walking upward – breathing in grace that He provides. The reminders so evident throughout His creation if we just look. Sometimes the path seems dark and dreary then as we get over the top the world opens up and a picture is painted. Vibrant, beautiful, amazing colors everywhere – even with the rain and the clouds; the creation praises the Creator with its magnificence.



And at the top – breath grace! Remembering that no matter how curvy or steep the path seems to be, we are just called to be obedient and follow it. Thankful that He is writing His story with us and painting our picture with vibrant colors. Breath grace – that’s really all we need.

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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3 Responses to Breath Grace

  1. Reblogged this on Step of Faith and commented:
    I could not have said it better from what I have learned and continue to prepare from what I received during the four weeks of training here at Center for Intercultural Training.
    Breath Grace… Let go and let God. Our Creator is amazing!

  2. Thank you Ron & Amy and girls! What a blessing the Townsends gave to the community of CIT over the past 4 weeks. God is there. God is with you. And God will be with you there.

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