Our Adventure to the end of Africa

Over the festive season (Christmas), we (maybe I) decided to take a day trip to the southern most tip of Africa. This little adventure is about 3 hours from the valley so we got a bright and early start which did not make most of the family very happy. After all, Christmas break is for sleeping in – at least that’s what the teenagers in my house thought.

I had our map printed from google maps. I had the address in my phone. What could go wrong?

Two hours into our beautiful beach route (which is also the longest route) I began to realize that you couldn’t even see the beach. We went through a few little beach towns and did stop in Hermanus which is the whale watching capital of the world. I don’t really know if they claim that title but in this part of the world Hermanus is where you go for great whale watching.


Back in the car, no beach views on this beach route I had so carefully planned. Then the GPS said…in .9 miles turn left. Yes, we are stuck on miles…not kilometres. I really need to learn the metric system better! Anyway…0.1 miles turn left. Wait…a dirt road! Are we in the right place? I glance at Ron’s face and realize that this might not be good 🙂

The GPS says turn left. To the best of my abilities, the map from google maps says turn left. We turn left! Mumbling from the back seat, mumbling from the middle seat, and mumbling from the driver’s seat. HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW?!

The view was beautiful…a stark difference from the coastal and mountain views that we are used to. Flat, dry land where you can see from kilometres! 🙂 But I dare not ask to stop and take a photo for fear of being put out of the car permanently. So we keep driving and the mumbling continues.

15-20 miles and 4 turns later, we are back on a paved road. Then a road block! Oh NO!! This grand adventure is beginning to feel like a grand mistake. But the Afrikaans police officer hears our American accent, glances at Ron’s license, and waves us through.

Was our adventure of misadventures worth it? These photos do not do justice to the beauty of Cape Agulhas – the southern most tip of Africa




Where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet



First time we had our feet in the Indian Ocean

This family of mine….I am thankful that they are used to my grand adventures. We had a few little hiccups along the way, but it was a great day. We did take the more common and shorter way home; there were no 20 mile dirt roads, and it was relatively uneventful (yet a beautiful drive through the garden route of the Western Cape).

Thankful for this beautiful country God has called us to serve.

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Headed to South Africa; following God's lead!
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