Care Package Ideas

Do you have the gift of encouragement? We need champions who will send us mail, e-mail, and care packages.

Our mailing address is:

Ron and Amy Townsend
35 9th Ave
Fish Hoek
Cape Town
South Africa 7975

*If you want to send something specifically for one of the girls, please put their name and c/o Ron Townsend.

Remember to:
Send us an e-mail with a tracking number for the package, and the date sent. Also – please note that it normally takes 6-8 weeks to get to us.

**Also, when filling out the customs form- list the “garage sale price” and not the actual retail value- this will help us avoid unnecessary fees at the Post Office**

Ideas for Care Packages:
Notes from you and your family
Recent picture of you and your family or friends
Seasonal candy, or decor (Remember it could take 6-8 weeks to arrive)
Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix, Yellow Cake or Brownie Mixes
French Vanilla coffee creamer
Latest worship CDs

Magic Erasers or Chlorox wipes

1 Response to Care Package Ideas

  1. Memaw says:

    Thanks for the ideas for care packages. No doubt you’ll receive something, especially around the early July timeframe??!!!!!

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